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Teacher Training with IT for US

Teacher Training with IT for US

The survey conducted by the IT for US project into ICT use in schools indicated the following training needs of teachers:

  • Data-logging; teachers lack familiarity and confidence with equipment and software
  • Simulations and visualisation software; although popular with teachers, much use is dominated by didactic, non-constructionist teaching approaches
  • Modelling techniques are under-used and practised infrequently
  • Video measurement is novel and of limited awareness.

Although the degree and maturity of use of each of the ICT applications varied between the countries surveyed, the range of training needs is common for many secondary school science teachers throughout Europe. The IT for US modules aim to fulfil such needs by providing a vision of these applications and supporting this with practical ideas and pedagogical commentary.

1.   The selection of materials for training courses

2.   General principles for designing teacher training courses

3.  Example formats of successful courses organised within the IT for US project development


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