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Group meetings

 The participants of the project meet twice a year. The following seminars has already
 taken place: 

Krakow (Poland)
16 - 19.01.2005
Introduction of participants, documents of the project discussion, presentation of different software packages, (what is module) structure of the module, modification and division of work.
Leicester (United Kingdom)
9 - 11.06.2005
Financial regulations and internal reports, context survey, presentation of designed modules - proposals, discussion of designed modules - specification of final versions, update on software adaptations and translations, project Web page.
Nicosia (Cyprus)
18 - 19.11.2005
Review of progress report, presentation of first three modules, context survey results, format and structure of course material, identify further topics for the module.
Lisbon (Portugal)
5 - 6.05.2006
Reports of work done by teams, trial of module, the questionnaire, new modules presentation and discussion, software adaptation, discussion about the module layout and contents, discussion about the structure of course material, conclusion of Context Survey, choice and designing of further module, added value in simulations.
Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
10 - 11.11.2006
The review of the project work and team's obligations, evaluation procedure, results of the trials in Poland and Cyprus, new modules presentation, comparison of modules, alternative proposals, designing 'Instruction Guide for Trainers', presentation of updated website, copyright of the materials.
Leicester (United Kingdom)
27 - 28.04.2007
The review of the project work and team's obligations; report of the trials: Cyprus, Warsaw, Krakow; presentation of updated modules; overview of modules; 'Instruction Guide for Trainers'; further trials of the materials; training teachers at schools; final materials.
Warsaw (Poland)
20 - 22.09.2007
The review of the project work and team's obligations; presentation of Simulation Insight Player; report of the trials (Cyprus, Krakow, Warsaw) and disseminations; review of proposals for teacher training in all countries; content and layout of final materials; external evaluation; outputs of the project and dissemination of the project materials.

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