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Jan Dunin-Borkowski

Elżbieta Kawecka
OEIiZK - Centre for Informatics Education and Computers Application -
teacher training and development centre:
CTN - Center for the Technology of Teaching (division of OEIiZK for science education):
address: Nowogrodzka 73, 02-018 Warsaw, Poland
Phone: +48 / 22 / 626 83 90

Centre for Informatics and Technology in Education (OEIiZK) in Warsaw is in-service teachers training institution specialized in computer science and ICT. It provides support for teachers in their professional development as far as computer skills and didactic applications of information technology are concerned. OEIiZK organises a lot of ICT and computer science courses for teachers (more than 50 different types of courses, more than 3000 teachers trained per year).
It co-operates with researchers from universities who work on topics of mutual interest and constantly get feedback form schools and teachers. Since the beginning in 1991 OEIiZK has always been in the centre of events which were essential for computer assisted education and educational applications of information technology. The Centre is the leading organisation in Poland in this area.
Teacher training activities are based on creative work, which covers introducing, developing and implementing new: teaching methods, syllabi, didactic aids, methodology publications, computer based tools for learning and teaching.
The staff consists of more than twenty highly qualified specialists. They are professionals in computer assisted education. Success in teacher training which is constantly reported is based on their research, completed and implemented projects and publications. Their goal is to transform the quality of learning and teaching.
Centre cooperates in several international projects among them: MatComp (ICT in learning and teaching mathematics), WWWTrain (Training to Use WWW in Education), CoLabs (Collaboratorics). OEIiZK is a national focal point of UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (IITE).
In particular within OEIiZK a development team has been formed, called CTN (Centre for the Technology of Teaching) in order to develop and promote ICT in school practice. CTN puts special attention to interdisciplinary approach in school education. For many years CTN has been involved in implementation of new technology into the teaching. The main field of CTN interest is modeling and Microcomputer Based Laboratory. Several technical and methodical materials have been produced and successfully applied in science teachers' courses.
JAN DUNIN-BORKOWSKI died on 1st February 2007. We have lost outstanding physicist, marvellous teacher and the man of great heart and soul - our friend. Till the last moment He was involved in the realisation of the project IT for US. He cared for its development and perfection. He will stay in our memory for ever and we will do our best to continue his work.
Dr Jan Dunin-Borkowski was a head of CTN. He was an active member of GIREP. He took part in several international conferences presenting results of CTN activities. He was also a member of the Forum of Education of European Physical Society.

Elżbieta Kawecka is a teacher consultant in OEIiZK and teacher of physics and computer science in secondary school in Warsaw. She is a member of the Board of the Polish Association of Sciences Teachers.

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