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Overview of the IT for US Topic Modules

The materials for teacher training exemplify innovative pedagogy which exploits the unique qualities of IT. In particular, ICT focuses on four types of software application related to practical science and feature constructive approach to:
  • data-logging,
  • video measurement,
  • modelling and simulation.
Each module seeks to demonstrate the integration of two or more types of software application. The software: Coach, Insight and Modellus explore these techniques.

The material is presented in 12 modules. The topics have been chosen to address the science curriculum consisting of biology, chemistry and physics in secondary schools. Topics fall into four main categories:
  1. An introduction to the software tools.
  2. Basic skills with graphs
  3. Core curriculum topics
  4. Novel topics for extending the curriculum
Each module consists of:
  • Pupil activity sheets giving instructions for performing the tasks.
  • Teachers' Guide providing background information, advice on teaching approaches, and a commentary on the potential learning benefits of the activities.
    Introductory modules:
  1. Oscillations: Data-logging, modelling and video-capture with Coach 6
  2. Oscillations: Data-logging, modelling and simulations with Insight
  3. Oscillations: Modelling with Modellus

  4. Graph Skills modules:
  5. Introduction to graphs and trajectories
  6. Vectors, velocity and displacement

  7. Core curriculum modules:
  8. Strong and weak acids
  9. Photosynthesis and respiration
  10. Change of state: liquid to solid
  11. Electricity - concepts and circuits
  12. Modelling chemical reactions

  13. Extension curriculum modules:
  14. Bungee jumping
  15. Thermal energy and the human body
Bungee jumping - an example module

Bungee jumping (801 KB)
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