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Datalogging Insight

Insight is a suite of programs designed for use in science and technology education in primary and secondary schools and is used extensively throughout the United Kingdom. The programs are content-free and serve a wide range of curriculum topics in science and technology. There are three types of program, each serving a particular curriculum function: Datalogging Insight - for collecting and analysing data from practical science experiments using sensors and data loggers, Control Insight - for learning about control technology in which computers are used for controlling electrical devices in intelligent ways which depend upon signals provided by sensors, and Simulation Insight - a fully comprehensive system for creating, testing and running simulations of a wide range of scientific phenomena, endowed with animated graphics and giving complete access to the mathematical model which drives the simulation.
These programs are available from Logotron Ltd (www.logotron.co.uk ). In the IT for US project, the program Datalogging Insight is used.


Datalogging Insight is a powerful and intuitive datalogging software package. With easy to use functions for collecting, exploring, modelling and analysing data. Datalogging Insight can help you to develop scientific knowledge, skills and understanding to all science students.
DataLogging Insight is designed to support practical work by performing these tasks in an integrated package:
  • Collecting and recording data from sensors
  • Displaying data in graphical formats
  • Analysing data through interactive tools
  • Modelling experimental data for investigation
  • Explaining research strategies to aid interpretation
The program interfaces with a wide variety of different manufacturers' data logging hardware systems such as LogIT and Coach II.


Datalogging Insight provides a dynamic tool to support science teachers delivering the curriculum. But more than that, it can be used to effectively embed ICT in geography where the collection, recording and analysis of evidence is a fundamental element of the curriculum.

  • Datalogging Insight offers students three modes for collecting evidence: sensing, timing and modelling. The data collection and display processes are so simple that your students will quickly be able to build up their investigative skills and develop the confidence to use their observations and measurements to draw conclusions.
  • Offering a unique system for building scientific models Datalogging Insight will help your students to make predictions and see if the evidence they collect in their experiment matches their prediction.
  • The software allows students to represent and communicate qualitative and quantitative data with the help of visual aids such as diagrams, tables, charts and graphs.
  • Datalogging Insight assists students in the process of considering evidence by providing instant and accurate readouts from graphs ensuring they are able to quickly evaluate evidence and identify & describe patterns and relationships in the data.


The Insight Laboratory is an interactive guide to Datalogging Insight. It offers a series of lessons and experiments, which help students and teachers gain confidence in using the software as a data collection and analysis tool. Students follow step-by-step activities that record and score the individuals success. Remedial advice, clues and answers are given as they work. Experiments include:
  • Liquid & solid
  • Photosynthesis
  • Radioactive decay
  • Pendulum motion
  • Force & acceleration
  • Evaporation & cooling
  • Enzymes & temperature
  • Current & voltage
  • Rate of reaction
  • Velocity in free fall
More information: the PDF brochure (2 MB).

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