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Welcome to the project IT for US !!!

The project IT for US - Information Technology for Understanding Science started in January 2005.
The project aims to design a modular in-service training course for science teachers and to create the supporting courseware materials.
The distinctive feature of this proposal is that it brings together teacher trainers science education researchers and curriculum developers with extensive experience in innovations with ICT. It includes three groups who, as pioneers in the fields of data-logging and modelling, have successfully developed and disseminated distinctive software and curriculum materials (Coach, Insight, Modellus) which have enjoyed wide acceptance across Europe.
The project will embrace: a survey of the current situation of ICT in science education in different countries, case studies of best examples, designing of a modular course for in-service training of science teachers, development and adaptation of courseware materials, seminars and study visits for developers. The pilot version of materials will be used to conduct a workshop for teacher trainers from participating countries. The activities of the project will be supported by a project website.

The intended outcomes of the project should be:
  • a report with guidelines on using ICT for better science teaching,
  • curricula and coursework featuring the integration of data-logging and modelling for science teacher training to be used in different countries,
  • competence of professionals involved in the project,
  • preparation of teacher trainers to implement the course in different countries.

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